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Life gets so busy when you are having a full time job and a whole family to look after. Among this routine who has time to look after himself/herself. Whether you are putting on or losing weight, it would be the people around you who are going to notice and you can’t just believe them without any authentic measurement. What if I tell you that there is an easy solution to have a look at yourself and your weight whenever you want with complete precision. How so? Of course, it’s only possible with the help of a best bathroom scale. Just stand on bathroom scale whenever you want and you get the idea for your next diet plan. If you’re gaining some weight, which obviously no one wants to, you can easily re-shape your diet plan, exercise schedules and gym timings. If for any reason your weight is dropping you know exactly when to consult a doctor or physician. So now you know how important a bathroom scale is for you. Now the point is, from where to get this magical machine. Many of us have just seen such bathroom scales in our doctors’ offices. But if you want this machine for personal use, don’t worry we have a solution for this as well.

Following are some of the best selling bathroom scale brands. You just have to pick one according to your needs and affordability. We are presenting best bathroom scale reviews to you in detail as well. Just have a look and feel free to decide.

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20.5 x 6.8 x 59.2 inches43.8 poundsRead More295 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria

14 x 14 x 2 inches5.8 poundsRead More3,896 customer reviews See At Amazon
Seca Supra

Seca Supra

37.5 x 13.8 x 17 inches13.4 poundsRead More17 customer reviewsSee At Amazon


13.5 x 15.5 x 35 inches30 poundsRead More2 customer reviews See At Amazon


----------10 poundsRead More18 customer reviewsSee At Amazon

Healthometer 402KL Physician Beam Rod 



The heath scales in physicians’ offices are too quite heavy for household use. But this health o meter is less heavy and perfect for household needs. It doesn’t take much space in your bathroom and come with multi-function properties.

Lighter in weight:

It only weighs 30 pounds so you do not need wheels to move it. Also it does not take much of the space and perfectly adjusts in one corner.

Quick Assemble:

It’s a four nut install system that can easily be assembled without any help. Just make sure the nuts are appropriately tightened.


You can easily rely on its results due to its accuracy and precision. The zero-error can be adjusted easily and it can measure accurately from 5lb to 390 lbs. This is also helpful in weighing your suitcases before a flight in order to save yourself from any inconvenience.

Two-in-one advantage:

Not only this is a weighing machine but it also can measure height through a vertical scale which can measure up to 78 inches.


Its superior quality has made it even more desirable with a two year limited warranty.

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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale


This is an innovative digitized bathroom scale that can record your data and keep you updated about your progress. It measures your weight, fat percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI). Also you can maintain your account at Fitbit accounts which can be synced with the scale over a Wi-Fi network. It recognizes you with your statistics and can keep the updated records of eight users simultaneously. This miraculous product can shape your diet habits and weight loss programs.

A complete Package:

It’s a one stop solution for your body weight measurement. It measures your fat rate, body mass index and weight. It’s brighter and easy to read display compliments to its sleek design.

Personal health manager:

It auto synchronize your details to your Fitbit accounts that updates the online graphs of your body weight and percentages on the manufacturer’s website which are only accessible to you. It is very helpful to keep the record and maintain it so you can easily review your physical health and make changes in your lifestyle accordingly.


Not only you but your family members can also avail all the benefits of this machine as it can keep the record of whole family consisting of eight family members. It is a complete solution for your family’s health needs.

Fitbit Tracker:

Though this scale is self-sufficient but if you purchase its tracking gadget, it will work as cherry on the top. The analogy is quite irrelevant but this tracker really does compliment this scale. It tracks your footsteps, intake of calories, calories burnt and your current body status.


It is marvelously designed and very light weight, easy to move and stylish. You’ll love to keep it in a place where people can see it. It can weigh up to 350lbs accurately.

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Seca Supra 719 Digital Column Scale


This meticulous weighing scale is well-known for its precision and aesthetics. It can easily convert your weight from kg to lbs and vice versa. Another feature of this scale is its high display pedestal which makes it easy to see the figures. A bit pricey but it won’t let you oversee its features.

Easy display:

Its high pedestal display makes it easy to view your weight readings and does not require bending. This is very helpful for people who have a back ache and cannot bend properly.

Easy installation:

It’s only six screws and then your Digital weighing scale is ready to be used. Its assembly and ease of use is another desirable feature of this product and makes it purchase worthy.

Accurately Accurate:

This is a highly accurate measuring scale with unmatched precision in the industry.

Platform Stability:

Its platform is designed to for a comfortable and stable standing position for its users.

Step-off Function:

Moreover you it consists of a step-off function which displays the results even when you step off the machine until you switch the scale off.

Sharp Visibility:

The sleek and stylish design of this product appeals the users at first sight. They want to step on it once they see this machine. Its visual aesthetics is also the main reason for some people to buy this machine as they do not want a machine in their home which is a misfit to their taste.

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MedWeigh MS-3300 High Capacity 660 lb x 0.2 lb



Unlike most of the bathroom scales, this state-of-the-art scale has rechargeable batteries instead of replacing them. Aesthetically appealing and accurate results comes with an affordable price tag. Some of the other features include:


The result displaying screen is highly visible and easy to read due to its high pedestal and bigger display.


The machine is extremely durable in a sense that it has the state-of-the-art technology which prevents the machine from errors.

Huge capacity:

The machine has huge capacity for people with heavy weight. The machine is 660 pounds in capacity.

Multiple weighing units:

The machine can display weights in kilo grams and pounds as well.

Easy to read display:

The LCD displays the readability options with much ease. The user can easily see the weight in multiple units.

Water resistant keyboard:

The keyboard is water resistant and it does not get affected by the water splashes when you want to weigh after showers.

Simple function keys:

The weight features simple to use keys on which various functions are there. The keys features options of weight hold, on/zero/off, tare and weighing unit. All these options display their respective information on the LCD screen.

Rechargeable batteries:

The batteries can be easily recharged to keep it moving.


The bathroom scale can be fixed anywhere and can be removed and placed anywhere.

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Tanita BC-549 Plus


This bathroom scale by Tanita has got the best bathroom scale reviews in the market lately. The customers have loved its large platform to stand. This bathroom scale can withstand 440 lbs of weight. Its prominent features are as follows:

Large weight capacity:

The bathroom scale has such a large capacity that it can bear up to 440 lbs of weight easily and the person standing on it needs not to worry.

Extra large platform:

The bathroom scale has huge platform to accommodate a big sized person easily.

LCD display:

The LCD display has a reverse blue black lit screen which displays the options easily.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology:

The machine works on a bioelectric Impedance technology which enables the user to monitor his body. The user can see the effects of a diet routine through this bathroom scale.


The bathroom scale comes with a 3 year warranty which enables the user to replace it anywhere within the span of warranty period if the machine trouble shoots at any time.

Multiple functions:

The machine tells you muscle mass, body water % and basal metabolic rate easily.

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Overall if you are weight conscious person and do not want to face the harsh comments of the people on your weight then you need to keep your weight in check. You can simple lace a bathroom scale in your bathroom and weigh yourself any time even after showers to determine your weight gain or weight loss. The bathroom scale monitors different body compositions and tells you your body mass, bone mass and the amount of fats needs to be reduced so you do not need to separately check the weight as a bathroom scale can give you all the information about your body at once.