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Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale, Black


People have become conscious of their health these days and this consciousness ahs reached innumerable heights in the present world. The people want to constantly keep their body in check and given the amount of exposure these days’ people like to fit in skin tight clothes very well. The high school students like to go to the ball dance in perfectly fitted clothes and avoid exposing their bulked up bodies. Also in the corporate world, the corporate men and women like to dress in fitted pants and suits to look presentable. There are many devices these days which are used to keep our weights in check. People can keep the weight equipment in their homes and can avoid going to gyms. There are devices which enables a user to monitor the body weight easily. The bathroom scales are extremely efficient in this regard. They can tell the person about his body mass and bone mass easily. This bathroom scale by FitBit is one of the best bathroom scales in the market right now. It has the following features:

Accurate body mass checkup:

The bathroom scale accurately track the weight and body fat percentage of the user easily. The scale is able to check the body mass index of the user online as well.

Progress check:

The user can upload the stats automatically through Wi-Fi to and the user can see the graph of his development over the time period.

Recognizes multiple users:

The wi fi enabled device can recognize the stats of up to 8 different users and stores the data in its memory.

Tracker compatible:

The aria bathroom scale can be paired easily with any tracker of fitbit. The user can maximize the results by connecting it with the tracker while running or jogging.

Password protected:

This bathroom scale is password protected and the device can be used by several users which saves the data of each one of them. Password can be set up for each user. In this way the user can decide what information to share and what not to share.

Sleek polished glass surface:

The device is made up of sleek polished glass surface which adds an extra oomph t the home décor.

Pros and cons:


  • Smart technology
  • Identifies the use when step on it
  • Synchronised with fitbit account through wi-fi
  • Free fitbit mobile app
  • Easy to understand


  • Expensive

Customers’ feedback:

The customers who have used this bathroom scale find it easy to understand and suitable for their homes. This bathroom scale has got the best bathroom scale reviews by the customers due to its sleek design. The device is portable and can be placed anywhere in your home. The device oes not take up much space. It can be linked to the wi fi of your house and all the stats on the device can be updated in the fitbit account through it.


I would highly recommend this product to everyone who wants ease in monitoring their weight. The user can let the device do the working and the device easily manages to updated stats on the fitbit account of the user easily. The user do not need to remember the past weight records as the device is able to memorize the body mass and other body compositions in its memory.

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