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Healthometer 402KL Physician Beam Scale w/ Height Rod


With the amount of exposure to technology nowadays, there is nothing that we can’t do without machines. We have dependant so heavily on the daily devices. The machines have revolutionized the world. We use machines and devices in our daily lives. We use mobile phones to communicate with our friends and family who are far away from us. We use washing machines to wash heavy loads of clothes. We use several gym instruments to lose weight or build muscles. Many devices have been introduced to make people aware of their weight.  Nowadays it has become a routine to keep our body in check. It is done so not only to avoid the harsh comments of the people but also to keep ourselves safe from obesity as obesity leads to many health conditions and diseases. In recent times, bathroom scales have made permanent place in the houses. People use them to weigh and monitor their body masses. This bathroom scale by Healthometer has got the best bathroom scale reviews lately due to its professional accuracy. It has the following features:
Heavy steel base:

The bathroom scale has heavy gauge steel base which makes it firm enough to withstand heavy weight persons.

Huge weighing capacity:

The scale has huge weighing capacity which can accommodate 390 lbs of weight easily.

Silent slide height rod:

The silent slide height rod has the range of 23’’ to 84’’ to measure the height and weight of the user at the same time.

Fixed poise bars:

The scale has fixed poise bars for weighing the weight in kilograms or pounds. The fixed beam on the scale shows the user the readings of pounds and kilograms on both sides of the poise.

Powder coated paint frame:

The powder coated paint frame protects the scale from rust and avoids getting any kind of exposure to rust elements. This in turn extends the life of the scale a bit more.

Pros and cons:


  • The scale is suitable for hospitals, health clinics, homes and gyms
  • Easy mobility
  • 10 year warranty


  • Assembly required

Customer’s feedback:

Those customers who wanted to keep their body in check wanted to get hands on the best bathroom scale in the markets so they looked up to this one. This bathroom scale has proved to be the best in the market due to its accuracy. The scale features large height rod which is efficient in measuring the height of the person as well. It has received 4.5 stars from the users out of 5 which is a commendable rating for a simple machine like a bathroom scale.


I would recommend this product to the ones who constantly likes to monitor their weight and are conscious about it. The bathroom scale is a necessity these days as it monitors your body mass, bone mass and many body compositions. This bathroom scale by Healthometer can be found in hospitals, offices, gyms and homes because it is that much efficient.

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