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MedWeigh MS-3300 High Capacity Medical Scale with Column


Nowadays it has become easy to monitor and check on the weigh progress through several devices. There are weight machines which tell accurate results. Multiple brands have jumped into the competition of making the best bathroom scales given the growing demand of weight tracking devices. The devices and machines which are being used nowadays are coming with many features. Some tell the entire body composition of the person standing over it. a bathroom scale can be placed wasily anywhere. Some are portable and some are not so easy to move. This bathroom scale by MedWeigh is one of the best bathroom scales which are in demand right now. It has the following features:

LCD display:

The LCD display is easy to read. The screen can be seen easily.

Huge capacity:

The bathroom scale has a huge capacity of 660 pounds and a readability of 0.2 pound.

Multiple weights:

The bathroom scale can display weights in both pounds and kilograms. It is easy to understand for the users who want to know their weights in both units.

Several functions:

The bathroom scale is able to display tare, weighing unit, auto off, weight hold and on/zero/off functions easily. It shows the versatility of the machine with such amazing features.

Battery enabled:

The bathroom scale operates on batteries and an AC adapter. The battery is rechargeable at any point of time.


The bathroom scale is extremely portable and can be moved anywhere easily. This scale is not heavy weight that the user cannot move. It is light in weight and easy to move around.

Water resistant keyboard:

The keyboard is water resistant and does not cause any harm when water splashes over it.

Pros and cons:


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Easy display
  • Light weight
  • Withstands heavy weight persons easily


  • Limited features

Customer’s feedback:

The customers who have purchased this bathroom scale are able to find their body mass very accurately the bathroom scale do the talking when you stand on it. The scale features weight hold, weighing units and tares display. The scale is the best bathroom scale in the market. It has got rave bathroom scale reviews from the customers who purchased and used it. The scale is easy to move around in the house and can be used in minimalistic homes as well.


After the amazing customer feedback and my own personal experience, I would recommend this bathroom scale to everyone who wants to keep track of their weight throughout. The bathroom scale embodies itself in plastic which prevents it from any harsh scratches. The display on the screen is not complex to understand and a common user can understand the weight units easily. The platform is wide enough to accommodate people with big girth. The scale has all the features t tell a person his body mass easily. It is the best scale which comes under such an amazing price.

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