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Seca Supra 719 Digital Column Scale


Weight monitoring has become an integral part of our lives. We do not want the people to comment on our body weight so to avoid any harsh comments, people likes to keep their body mass in check. The body mass and bone mass makes up the weight of the entire body. Keeping the body in shape has become important. People avoid getting obese as obesity is harmful for health. Many devices have been made to check the body mass easily. There are various weight machines which enable the user to monitor the body mass as well as monitor other body compositions. Bathroom scales have speedily made their places in gyms, offices, homes and hospitals. Multiple brands have introduced many bathroom scales in the market. Each performs basic functions as well as different value added functions. This bathroom scale by Seca is the best bathroom scale in the market right now. It has the following features:
Accurate display:

The machine displays the stats easily on a high pedestal. It can be viewed easily. The user does not need to bend in order to see the results.

Step off function:

The step off function resets the weight upon stepping off without the need to turn the machine back on.

High platform stability:

The demanding users can stand on it which provides a high platform to stand easily and see the results with convenience.

ABS covering:

The ABS plastic protects the machine from scratches and shock. The plastic keeps the machine away from any spots.

Safety glass:

The safety glass on the device resists any kind of impact on the machine and does not break it.

Battery enabled:

The bathroom scale uses 4 AAA batteries and do not need any electrical supply to operate. The batteries can be inserted directly underneath the scale and the user can use it freely anytime.

Pros and cons


  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate measurement
  • Amazing display at a considerable height
  • No need to bend
  • Visually appealing


  • Expensive

Customers feedback:

The customers have given good reviews to this product so far. The people are really fond of its functioning and sleek design. It can be accommodated in a bathroom or anywhere else in the house. It consumes less space. The bathroom scale does not display complex measurements and gives the user valuable information about his weight in a simple manner.


I would recommend this product to the people who likes to measure weights in an easy manner. The display is kept at a height and the user does not have to look down and bend to see the results. It gives accurate measurements. The plastic on the display screen prevents it from any scratches so the screen remains scratch free. This bathroom scale is also suitable for pregnant women and people with heavy weight.

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