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Tanita BC-549 Plus


Technology has made our lives easier by introducing such devices which we can be used on just the click of a button. The devices that we use today were not even used by the early people and people at that time used to do everything by hand. The time then changed its course when technology reached its peak. The technology has introduced newer ways to keep the weight of the people in check. There are many devices which can easily tell you your weight, bone mass, heart rate and many other body compositions. Bathroom scales are one of the weight monitors used for the determination of body mass. You just stand on the device and the machine tells the measurements easily. This bathroom scale by Tanita has become popular among the people due to its appealing features. They are as follows:

Readings for weight:

The user can read the body fat percentage, physique rating, weight, body water percentage, bone mass and many other body compositions.

Recall feature:

The recall feature on the bathroom scale enables the user to view previous readings of different body features like weight, metabolic age, bone mass and many others.

Transparent electrodes:

The transparent electrodes enable the user to monitor his body composition effectively. The sleek design of the bathroom scale adds an extra oomph to the home décor.

Sharp memory:

The bathroom scale can store the personal data of at least 4 people. The sharp memory of the bathroom scale is able to memorize the personal details very easily including every minute detail.

Guest mode:

The guest mode of the bathroom scale enables the user to program the unit for 1 time use without resetting the personal details of other users.

LCD display:

The LCD display shows the details with much ease and the user can see them clearly on it.

Wide platform:

The wide platform can withstand 440 lbs of weight easily.

Weight reading settings:

The weight readings can be viewed in terms of pounds, kilograms and stone pounds.

Pros and cons:


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to move
  • Light weight
  • Highly accurate
  • Multiple readings


  • Expensive

Customer’s feedback:

The customers who have purchased this product and used it for some time are pleased with its performance. The bathroom scale has received the best bathroom scale reviews so far due to its high accuracy. The customers are happy with its small and compact size. Also the bathroom scale is able to withstand 440 lbs of weight easily so the people with big girth do not need to worry about it. The people can easily check the readings on its blue lit LCD display which shows accurate readings. The readings can be seen in variety of ways. The weights are displayed in pounds and kilograms both.


I would like to tell from my personal experience that the device is worth each penny of yours. The device can easily show the readings without any complications or delay. The readings are accurate. All you people out there who wants a simple to use device to measure their weight, I would simply recommend this amazing product to all.

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